Frequently Asked Questions


How do you say your name?


Manelle: Rhymes with Michelle or Janelle.

A Joke To Help You Remember

Me: “Knock, Knock.”

You: “Who’s there?”

Me: “Manelle”

You: “Manelle who?”

Me: “My nail broke while I was knocking on the door!”

I never said it would be a funny joke.

Oliphant: Is said like elephant with AHH!


How do you get work?


Generally freelance illustrators get work with an online portfolio which they advertise by sending postcards or other art samples to publishers, art directors and companies that hire illustrators. More information about getting illustration work can be found under “Places to Learn About Children’s Publishing” on my Links page.

If you want to lean to market your own illustrations I recommend 2013 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market (Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market) as a good starting point.


Will I illustrate your book?


If you’ve written a children’s book and want to publish it  please know that the publisher, not the author, will pick and pay for the illustrator. Once your book is purchased by a publisher they will will want your book to be as amazing as you do. Publishers are great at matching manuscripts to illustrators.  For more information about getting published as an author or illustrator please see “Places to Learn About Children’s Publishing” on my Links page.

If you are self-publishing your book, eBook, or app, I generally do not accept these projects as they are time and labor intensive.


Will I draw a picture for you?


Commissions are something I generally don’t have the time for on top of my regular work and projects. If you like my art I have a wide range of quality prints available which you can purchase at my Print Shop. If you like one of my illustrations and it is not available as a print please send me an email request and I can add it to the shop.


Can I use your coloring page image or illustration for_____ (fill in the blank)?


My imgaes are meant for non-commercial home or school use and can be used with my permission if you follow these guidelines

  • Keep “Artwork © Manelle Oliphant,” with the image. If you are using this image separate from the rest of the page it came on (example: cutting it out to make a card) write the copywrite info and website on the image or card. Coloring pages and activity images and illustrations are my intellectual property (unless otherwise noted) and it is important that people know where it came from and who created it.
  • You may not redistribute my images or sell anything you create using my images.
  • You may not repost my images online as if they were your own. That would be stealing.
  • Good Exposure is not proper payment for using my work.
  • You may not use my images for social media icons, avatars or logos.
  • You may not use my images  as clip art or to enhance your blog or website.
  • My images are not for your business use. (including non-profit)

Email me if you have questions about appropriate usage of images. In some cases you may be able to purchase the rights to use them.

Email me if you have other questions.

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