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Welcome to Wicked Stepmothers Anonymous

We meet at various times and places throughout the Enchanted Forest. Meetings have not yet been organized in the greater Enchanted Kingdom (EK) but we have hopes of spreading outward in the future. The list of meeting times is below. Walk-ins are welcome. If you have questions about a particular group the leader’s contact info is below.

Tuesday Meetings

  • Enchanted Forest East

    7:00 pm Common Room at Eye Sunk Inn

    Contact: Gretchen Letchen by email:

    8:00 pm Home of Ulga Navel

    Contact: Ulga Navel by crow. (Other birds may deliver to her but their return is not guaranteed.)

  • Enchanted Forest West

    6:00 pm on top of Mount Destruction

    Contact: Harriet the Dragon by enchanted pool or mirror.

Wednesday Meetings

  • Enchanted Forest East

    7:00 pm Common Room at Eye Sunk Inn

    Contact: Lydia Green by phone: 555-YOU-DIED.

  • Enchanted Forest West

    Currently there are no meetings in the Enchanted Forest West on Wednesdays. If you would like to lead a group address letters to:

    The Wicked Queen

    Castle of Darkness upper floor

    Enchanted Forest West, EK

    The royal mail is delivered on Monday morning, and you can expect a reply within the month.

Thursday Meetings

  • Enchanted Forest East

    8:00 pm Candy Cottage

    Contact: Cindi Witch by Post or carrier pigeon.

    Cindi Witch

    Candy Cottage

    Enchanted Forest East, EK

  • Enchanted Forest West

    6:00 pm Castle of Darkness Ballroom

    This is our most popular meeting. Arrive on time as space is limited.

    Contact: The Wicked Queen by Post or Mirror (See address above.)